My first post

 Let me introduce my self,


Well thats me I am an lvl 4x Bandit on the Europe Maplestory server Kradia.

I am also the leader of the guild GreenSlime, my IGN is THAemoBOY if u like to want u can add me. 

Beer Tent event,

Well yesterday the beer tent event has come to an end, good for us bad for the hackers.                                                                                                                                                                                                   It really was crowded whit hackers (item vac) but i still could manage to get some scrolls.

A smal list of my trophy’s

 3 times

 Special Scroll for Gloves for ATK 100%

ATK +2, 100% success rate.

5 times

My trohpyClean Slate Scroll

 20% Recovers a failed upgrade slot by 1 with a 20% success rate. If it fails, the item has a 50% chance of being destroyed.

And i found out thet i can sell the Special ones vor more than 100mil after the event 😀

Guild Website,

I also would like to tell you guys that I have competed the maintences on the guild site GreenSlime Guild, For the people that dont know my guild yet, the guild is 2 days old (28-09-2010) and already has 25 members 🙂 the guild is in the Europe Maplestory world Kradia.

If u would like to join leave an message

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